Detailed Item-Level Publish Logging

Sitecore Publish Reporting Kit (SPRK) is a Sitecore module that provides detailed item-level publish logs.

While Sitecore can log aggregated publishing information (and item-level information with a config change), the format isn't ideal for searching or advanced reporting. SPRK solves this by producing separate log files with an easy to parse pipe-delimited format.

SPRK is actively maintained and will receive new features and also support new versions of Sitecore.


  • Provides detailed log files for publishing operations in Sitecore

  • Configuration of log location and filename

  • Provides detailed information about each item published, including:

    • Publish mode (incremental / full)

    • Username

    • Item ID

    • Publish result (success / fail / etc.)

    • Source database

    • Target database

    • Date/time of publish

  • Reporting interface built into the Sitecore Client backend

  • View, sort, filter, and export publish logs to CSV format

  • Publish Queue Report: detailed report of items in the incremental publish queue

Getting Started