Money Management Made Easy

Budgeter is a personal expense tracker designed to be simple for on-the-go use. It was built around two core principles:

While originally built for a particular workflow, Budgeter has grown over time with a variety of features:

  • Expense Entry: the starting point of Budgeter, where expenses can be entered quickly and efficiently

  • Location Aware: if you frequent certain places, Budgeter will pre-populate expense information based on previous data

  • Category Management: categorize expenses however you see fit (e.g. Restaurants, Gas, Travel, etc.)

  • Budget Management: create and manage budgets for any time period

  • Reporting: view aggregate data, get a visual overview with graphs, and download CSV files of your expense data

Try & Buy

If you would like to try Budgeter, you can contact Brandon Bruno at bmbruno@gmail.com to request a demo account (valid for 90 days).

Membership to Budgeter comes in two plans: $4.00 USD / month or $30.00 USD / year